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Agricultural Marketing In Jamaica Some Key Issues
Traditionally, the marketing system for domestic food crops is dominated by a large number of itinerant traders referred to as Higglers and a network of parish markets island-wide. The growth of hotels and supermarket chains over the last two decades however has seen a significant reduction in the importance of parish markets as the dominant outlets for fruits and vegetables.

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Business, Research and Agricultural Consultants ltd. (BRAC) is a Caribbean based consulting firm with a team of international associate professionals. The firm was incorporated in Jamaica in 1988. Born out of the experience of Caribbean development challenges, BRAC has extensive and intimate knowledge of the successes and failures of tried solutions to the problems of the

region over several decades. Because of this unique experience the firm is strategically placed to avoid the pitfalls of re-invention and duplication of efforts which are common features of many technical assistance programmes in developing countries.


In order to carry out its Mission, the Firm provides a range of specific services falling under the broad areas of Public Sector Reform, External Aid Management (Project Cycle Management), Agriculture and Rural development, Poverty Alleviation and Community Empowerment.

The Firm operates with a small core staff of professionals but has established linkages and on-going working relationships with a network of Regional and International Associate Consultants and Consulting Firms. From this position, it is able to tap and combine a large number of Specialists from a pool of diverse skills and experience to meet the specific needs of its clients.

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Core Team

The Core Team reflects a mix of disciplines comprising Development/Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology, Public Administration and Small Business Development and Management.

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English is standard for all BRAC's Personnel. However French and Spanish are second languages for those of our Consultants who have lived and worked in French and Spanish speaking countries.

Countries Serviced

Antigua Malawi
Barbados St. Kitts
Belize St. Lucia
Dominica St. Vincent and The Grenadines
Guyana Trinidad and Tobago
Jamaica Zambia

Office Support, Communication and Infrastructure

BRAC's office is located at 4 Altamont Terrace, Kingston 5. We enjoy free-hold tenure of these premises and this gives us long-term stability in office location. Located close to the centre of the New Kingston Business District, the premises taps a wide range of goods and services supportive of our International Consultancy Services. In fact, we are either flanked by, or within five minutes walk of the following places:

  • Three hotels including Le Meridian and The Hilton, the two leading business hotels in Kingston.
  • The offices of two leading international couriers: - Federal Express and DHL
  • A branch office of Cable and Wireless Jamaica Ltd.
  • Seven Commercial Banks.
  • Several Travel Agents and Airline Offices.
  • Several Rent-a-Car and Taxi Services.
  • Several office equipment sales and services outlet
  • Several Government offices including the Central Planning Division (Planning Institute of Jamaica)
  • The local offices of several international donor agencies including; UNDP, USAID, CIDA, IDB, FAO, OAS and ODA and the World Bank

Our Offices are also equipped with the latest in office equipment and computer technology. We have several telephone lines with international direct dialing and a 24 hour call forwarding facility to the Managing and Senior Partners. We are therefore able to communicate world-wide through fax, telephone, internet/email and courier services on a 24-hour basis.

Photo Gallery

Latest Projects

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Development of Website
Development of Government Website

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